When it comes to aiding your training its great to have reliable gym accessories. There’s nothing worse than a leaking water bottle or lumpy protein shake. Our water bottle and protein shake has been designed to be reliable and look great in the gym.

Our Water Bottle and Protein Shaker Bottle

Our range of accessories has been designed to be fault free so you can get the best reliable accessories.With the leak free water bottle, you’ll get a stylish black bottle and can enjoy your drinks with a firm grip. Moreover, we’ve tested our bottles. That means there’s no leaks so no worrying about finding wet gym clothes when you arrive at the gym.

The protein shaker bottle has also been designed to look great and holds 600ml. In addition, the whisk metal ball means delivers smooth and lump free shakes! From secure leak free water bottles to great mixing, easy to use protein shaker bottles get the best gym accessories with Organic Athlete Lifestyle.

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