When it comes to getting the smoothest protein post workout – we’ve got you covered. Our protein shaker bottles are designed to deliver to smoothest shake with a 600ml capacity!

Protein Shaker Bottle

Our protein shaker bottle is great for enjoying a post workout shake or protein during the day. This bottle holds a massive 600ml so is perfect whether you want 1 simple scoop or a calorie packed shake. Moreover, this shaker bottle looks stylish and quite simply gets the job done!

There’s nothing worse than a lumpy protein shake post workout. It tastes terrible and leaves you wondering if you even got any protein! But with our shakers this is not a problem. We’ve designed our bottles to include a metal ball. This ball replicates a whisk and so when you shake, all the lumps are dissolved. The result is a great tasting lump free protein shake! And it doesn’t just stop there, you can also use this shake to mix your other supplements, including amino acids and creatine! Enjoy a smooth tasting, well mixed protein shake with our high quality protein shakers.

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