If you’re looking to get your protein on the go, need a handy snack or fast post workout recovery we stock the best protein bars. From Whey protein to dairy free vegan protein bars we have the perfect bar from you. So why not try our Primal Pantry paleo bars for a protein hit or Clif Builder Bars for muscle recovery! To find out more about our protein bar range click “Read More”.

Primal Pantry Paleo Protein bars

If you’re looking for a clean protein bar made with raw ingredients, Primal Pantry have the perfect bar for you. Being the UK’s top voted paleo bar, this delicious snack has no additives or preservatives. Moreover, each bar contains only the finest raw ingredients including raw Cocoa, Dates, Coconut Nectar and Hemp Protein. One tasty primal pantry bar is 27% natural plant based protein – a huge 15g. If you follow a vegan diet, try these plant protein bars in delicious cocoa orange and mixed berry flavours!

Primal Joy Paleo Protein Bar

Primal Joy is a new brand on the market which provides some of the best tasting clean eating protein bars around. At Organic Athlete Lifestyle we try and test all of our products before offering them to you so we can provide you with the best tasting products. The Primal Joy salted caramel protein bar is soft and ideal for a sweet tooth. This bar includes only raw ingredients including raw organic coconut oil, raw cacao, honey and dates. Each bar packs in 14g of high quality protein from chia seeds, sunflower seeds and whey protein concentrate. Moreover, with protein, seeds and raw fruit, each bar provides a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fibre and healthy fats!

Clif Builder Bars

If you need to recover and refuel during or after a workout Clif Builder bars have been specifically made for you. Each vegan protein bar is dairy free, using soy protein isolate to deliver a high quality source of protein. With 20g of protein and a high carbohydrate content these bars are great for a mid-ride energy boost, repairing muscle and replenish glycogen stores. In addition, with added ingredients such as almonds, cocoa and beetroot juice you can boost endurance and get a healthy fat source. To get the best nutrition Clif have also included a range of added vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, E, A, B, D, calcium and potassium. So get all the nutrition for the best performance in each and every workout with Clif Builder bars.

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Primal Joy Salted Cacao High Protein Bar 64g

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Primal Pantry High Protein Bars 55g

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