When it comes to getting a healthy protein snack it can often be tricky. Especially when common protein bars being high in calories and sugars. But with our Natural Nutrients protein popcorn you can get the perfect healthy snack on the go! To find out more click Read More.

Protein Popcorn – The Best Healthy Protein Snack

If you love popcorn or just need a sweet or savoury snack – Natural Nutrients have got the perfect product. These popcorn bags come in 3 flavours and are made using just a few ingredients. These ingredients include popcorn kernels, plant based faba bean protein and real food powders. As a result our flavoured popcorn is high in fibre and a great source of protein with no artificial flavours or sweeteners. Not only this, but 2 flavours Kale, Tomato and Chilli and Simply Salted are also dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free and suitable for vegan diets.

These healthy protein snacks come in 3 great flavours – salted, sweet and tomato and chilli! The Salted popcorn flavour contains just 4 ingredients – popping corn, organic coconut oil, faba bean protein and sea salt! Moreover, each bag is only 97 calories – meaning you won’t sabotage your diet. If you want a more exotic spicy flavour the tomato and chili flavour uses organic coconut oil, tomato, chili and kale powder for a powerful taste. But, if you have a sweet tooth our sweet flavour is perfect for curbing your cravings. This sweet healthy snack uses natural vanilla and stevia for a healthy sweet kick.

So don’t sabotage your diet with unhealthy snacks. Try our protein popcorn during the day or even when curling up to relax and watch a film.

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