Creatine Monohydrate offers benefits to help you increase endurance, performance, muscle to reach your fitness goals. With organic creatine powder (creapure) you can improve your training and performance. Find out more about the benefits by clicking Read More.

What is Creatine Monohydrate?

It is an organic chemical compound that occurs naturally in our muscle cells but in short supply. This supplement recycles energy in the muscles – an energy called ATP. With this supplement, you can help to increase and replenish your energy stores during and after a workout. Our organic Creatine powder and capsules are all-natural, vegan and vegetarian friendly and gluten free!

What are the Benefits of Creatine?

This supplement increases ATP energy it offers a range of benefits for your performance and physical fitness goals. For Example:

Increases Muscle Mass and Helps You Train Harder

Scientific studies have shown that creapure increases power output and workout intensity. For that reason, supplementing during a workout can help you train harder without fatigue. By training harder for longer you can speed up muscle growth and build more muscle mass.

Can Improve Athletic Performance

If you take part in powerflifting, CrossFit, bootcamps and running, creatine can help improve your overall performance. In sprints, heavy lifting or high intensity exercise, the body relies heavily upon the CP and ATP energy systems. Through supplementing  your energy system can remain fuelled for powerful intense movements. This means you can train at the same intensity but for longer.

Can Help Muscle Recovery

In order to help build muscle and increase performance muscle recovery is essential. This is why many people choose supplementation during and after a workout. By increasing the recovery rate of muscles you can recover faster and train harder. Creatine can also help endurance runners and cyclists to train longer and improve recovery.

What are the Side Effects of Creatine

Many people think creatine has many negative side effects, when in fact negative side effects are a minimum. However, one side effect is water retention – or a “muscle pump”. During supplementation, the water volume in the muscles is increased, making your muscles look fuller and pumped. The many benefits and performance increase outweighs the water retention side effect. For some people this side effect is positive, but water retention can make others feel bloated. Rest assured that water retention disappears in 2-3 days when you stop supplementing.

When to take and what is Creatine-Loading?

For best results creatine should be taken 30 minutes prior to your workout and straight after for recovery. This will help increase workout intensity and aid muscle recovery. But for those looking to build muscle specifically creatine loading can help. Creatine-loading is a period of time whereby an individual takes an extra high dosage. This high dosage is then lowered over another period of time, a maintenance phase. In a loading phase around 25g is taken each day for up to 1 week. This is then followed by around 5-10g for up to 4 weeks in the maintenance phase. After this cycle it is recommended to stop supplementation all together for up to 2 weeks.

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