If your looking for a deliciously soft baked vegan cookie, look not further! Kookie Cat have got the ideal product for you. This baked vegan treat is super soft and full of nutritional goodness. To find out more about our protein cookies click Read More.

What are Protein Cookies?

When it comes to healthy baked goods Kookie Cat have really done it this time! This popular brand have developed a 100% organic sensational vegan protein cookie. These delicious treats are made using only healthy ingredients, to deliver a high fibre and low GI dairy free snack.
At the end of the day, these vegan cookies are perfect for all diets and to be enjoyed at any time in the day when you’re on the go!

The Benefits of Kookie Cat Vegan Protein Cookies

Our cookies are perfect to enjoy in the day to give you a much needed energy boost. Unlike supermarket cookies, these treats are made with only organic and healthy ingredients but still super soft baked. Our cookies use gluten free oats to give you a great source of low GI carbs and fibre for a sustained energy release. Moreover, Kookie Cat uses only healthy fats to give you lasting energy at anytime.

These cookies are great for individuals looking to replenish glycogen stores post workout or for pre workout energy. And our dairy free treats wont sabotage your diet and training goals with 100% organic ingredients.

When enjoying our protein cookie you’ll get a healthy source of essential fatty acids like omega-3 from cashews and organic coconut oil. Not only that, but these vegan treats are sweetened naturally using coconut nectar and contain no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners.
Our cookies are high in fibre and come in three delicious flavours: vanilla chocolate chip, cacao and walnut, chia and lemon flavours. This means you can get additional benefits of health boosting ingredients like chia seeds, desiccated coconut and cacao powder. Each cookie is 100% organic, vegan gluten free and wheat free, with no dairy, eggs or soy. In addition these treats contain no trans fats or artificial ingredients to enhance texture and taste.

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