Plant based proteins are on the rise when it comes to health, wellbeing and increase dietary protein. But when it comes to whey protein alternatives it can be hard to find the best complete plant protein. Faba bean protein powder is a star on the rise, offering a complete vegan source of protein for your diet. To find out more about the benefits of Faba Bean click Read More.

What is Faba Bean Protein?

The faba bean is actually a broad bean that is a popular protein choice in Mediterranean, African, South American and Asian countries. This means faba bean powder is a pure and nutrient dense form of plant based protein. As a result, faba bean is perfect for a vegan diet, with a ton of additional nutritional benefits.

The Benefits of Faba Bean

Faba bean protein has a range of different benefits when it comes to diet and health. First of all, this protein powder is dairy free and lactose free and is a pure plant protein. This means it’s perfect for vegan and vegetarian diets. Moreover, Faba is soy free, gluten free and wheat free so perfect for those avoiding soy and with gluten intolerances. That being said, this protein is 100% allergen free so super safe for consumption and food allergies.

High Protein Quality and a Complete Protein Source

When it comes to protein content – faba protein doesn’t fall short. As a pulse protein, faba’s protein content can be directly compared to casein and egg protein. This means Faba has a high protein quality which refers to how well the essential amino acid content meets the demands of the body. Faba bean has a complete protein source with a great amino acid profile and so is better used by the body.

Just one 20g scoop provides 10.3g of plant protein and under 72 calories with 2.6g of fibre and minimal fat. Not only that, but with 17 different amino acids, 100g contains a massive 8.6g of bcaas offering several benefits for the body. For example, muscle recovery from training is actually dependent on branched chain amino acids – particularly leucine. A high level of protein and amino acids means you can get effective muscle recovery following a workout. Moreover, with a calorie surplus supplementing with this protein can increase muscle mass.

High Nutrient Content

And it doesn’t just stop there, Faba bean contains a spectrum of vitamins and minerals including fibre, vitamin B3 and magnesium. Therefore faba can help energy production as well as your recovery and wellbeing. Not only that, but a high fibre content means you can aid digestive health and lower cholesterol for a healthy heart. And for those of us who care about the planet, faba is not only a 100% natural meat free protein source, but as a result also offers a great sustainability.

How to Take Faba Bean Protein Powder?

Faba bean protein is unlike many other plant based and vegan protein powders in the fact it has a neutral taste. This means it can be consumed without flavourings and sweeteners and has a neutral taste. As a result, you can add faba bean protein powder to shakes, smoothies and in baking to get more protein. Faba bean is best taken in the day to increase protein or post workout to aid muscle recovery.

This vegan protein powder has all the plant power you need in just one scoop to help aid your diet and increase performance.

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