Our range of organic whey protein offer a great way to consume more high quality protein and organic produce. Moreover, organic proteins provide great additive free shakes. That means no sweeteners or chemicals and gluten and hormone free. To find out more click Read More.

The Benefits of Organic Whey Protein Powder

20% of the protein found in milk is from whey protein. As a matter of fact, whey is a by-product from making cheese and casein! This protein is the fastest releasing protein and has a comprehensive amino acid profile. In fact, essential branched chain amino acids lecuice, iso-leucine and valine are all provided by whey. Many companies fill their whey protein powders with additives and artificial sweeteners. These powders are often cheap but not ideal for health and cattle well being.

A great range of organic whey protein has been provided by Motion nutrition and The Organic Whey Protein Company. These protein powders meet the highest standards of sustainability and deliver the best quality protein. Our organic proteins are 80% – 90% protein and come from grass-fed cows and cattle . Moreover, these natural shakes can increase your protein intake easily or help post workout muscle recovery.

Motion Nutrition’s organic protein powder is gluten free and soy free, with no sweeteners! Moreover, just one scoop provides 20g of protein and 4.7g of bcaas per serving. The range offers 3 delicious flavours including cocoa, natural and coconut, using 100% organic ingredients.

The Organic Protein Company offer a natural whey protein isolate no other ingredients! That means this protein isolate is made using only 1 single ingredient: certified organic whey protein. And rest assured, this raw food product is manufactured using milk from happy grass fed cows.  In addition, a gentle low temperature filtration process means this isolate is free from artificial ingredients & sweeteners, soy and gluten with no added hormones. So what are you waiting for? Get a great creamy gluten free shake that is vegetarian society approved!

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