Get the best handy protein snack with our Boost Ball protein balls. Our whey protein balls and vegan protein balls are perfect for day time snacking. What’s more, each snack pack contains 3 energy balls with only 56 calories each. To find out more about Boost Ball snacks click Read More.

Who are Boost Ball?

Boost Ball are a healthy protein snack company that have produce one of the tastiest snacks to date. They follow the idea “Less ingredients, more protein” and make sure they use only natural and healthy ingredients. They also believe in providing great tasting products for everyone. That’s why they provide a whey protein based snack and a vegan option made with plant based rice protein. The Boost Balls are made with raw cold pressed fruits, nuts and plant protein with no baking of refining. That means there are no artificial ingredients or sweeteners! And it doesn’t just stop there, these protein balls also contain vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, B, E, Calcium, Iron and Zinc. That makes them great for boosting your energy levels during the day or pre workout.

Vegan Protein Balls

Vegan treats have never been healthier with these vegan energy balls. Each snack pack contains three balls and just 56 calories each! That means these snacks are great for weight loss and keeping hunger at bay on a diet. The vegan protein balls are made using plant based rice protein and simple ingredients like cashews, cashew butter, coconut and maple syrup. As a result these vegan balls are high in protein and contain only natural sugars.

You can choose from two vegan flavours including zesty lemon drizzle cake and cinnamon roll. The dairy free lemon flavour is so refreshing and perfect to boost your energy levels during the day. What’s more with a hint of Cinnamon and dash of maple syrup the cinnamon roll flavour is great for indulging your sweet tooth!

Whey Protein Energy Balls

Whey protein balls have never been healthier than with Boost Ball snack packs. These vegetarian protein snacks are so handy on the go and a great way to curb your hunger during the day. These balls can also assist muscle recovery and include only natural sugars. Choose from two amazing flavours including coconut fudge cake and peanut butter cookie dough. Our coconut protein balls conatin velvety cashew butter and creamy coconut for a great tasting treat. Not only that, but the peanut butter protein ball is perfect for nut lovers! With 33% protein and gooey peanut butter, this treat taste just like cookie dough!

These protein balls are the perfect daytime nutritious snack or great to enjoyed as an energy booster pre or protein replenisher post workout.

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