Here at Organic Athlete we have a range of supplements to meet your diet and weight loss goals. With our organic and natural range you can get all the vitamins for weight loss to lose weight in the healthiest way. Discover our range of weight loss supplements from organic whey protein powders to vegan protein blends and superfood powders. Click Read Moreto find out more about our diet and weight loss range.

If you’re trying to lose weight or decrease your body fat its important to have a calories deficit and focus on consuming more protein, vitamins and minerals. That’s where a quick protein shake and superfood powders can come in handy. By consuming more protein in the form of food or shakes you can feel fuller for longer and increase your metabolism. Consuming more protein also aids workout recovery and muscle growth, helping burn more body fat so you look and feel great.

Vegan Weight Loss Supplements

For weight loss its important to make sure you are getting enough protein, which can be a challenge for vegetarians & vegans. If you follow a vegan diet we have a range of natural dairy free supplements to aid your workouts. For example, our Vega Clean shake is a great plant based protein shake designed to help increase your protein intake. Our handy shakes can be consumed at any point during the day or after a workout. Not only are our Plant based protein shakes natural but with a high fibre content they’ll keep you fuller for longer.

Vitamins and Minerals for Weight Loss

Overall, if you want optimum weight loss you need to make sure you are getting all the right vitamins and minerals. When dieting, consuming less calories or doing more exercise uses more energy and nutrients, leaving your body deprived. If you’re not getting all the vitamins & minerals you need, your weight loss can be slowed down. For example, low iron levels, vitamin B and magnesium can lower energy and your metabolism. But with superfood powders you can get tons of vitamins and minerals in one single spoonful.

We have a great range of superfood powders that are perfect to help you when it comes to diet and weight loss. For example, matcha green superfood powder is rich in antioxidants to help speed up your metabolism. This superfood powder has a much greater strength than green tea meaning you don’t have to drink 10 cups a day! Not only this but Naturya Superfood Green Powder contains ingredients like spirulina and wheat grass which not only pack in plant protein but also supress appetite! In addition cacao powder can help decrease your sweet cravings & appetite whilst also lowering stress and helping you burn stubborn fat. Plus if your looking to increase workout motivation and energy levels cacao and maca powders are natural energy boosters! So by adding just a spoonful of these powders to your shakes, smoothies and porridge you can aid weight loss and overall health!

Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

Whey protein is a fast releasing protein that is perfect for recovering after a workout. Not only that, but by consuming a protein shake you can keep hunger at bay and stay fuller for longer. If you’re looking to lose weight by adding more protein in your diet our organic range can be enjoyed at anytime in the day. With Motion Nutrition or The Organic Protein Company you can get a great tasting whey protein isolate to compliment your diet.

Protein Snacks for Diet and Weight Loss

Do you often give into the mid-morning or afternoon hunger cravings? Is there a nearby shop or cafe that offers tempting treats when you want them most? Well why stop temptation all together with our range of high protein healthy snacks for weight loss! By adding more protein and fibre you can curb your appetite whilst also aid your weight loss. For example our protein popcorn is a great sweet or savoury snack that is under 100 calories and high in protein! Or our protein ball snack packs are great for enjoying on the go in small serving sizes when you need them most.

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