Suffering from lactose intolerance can be difficult when looking to consume a balanced diet and recover from your workouts. So if you follow a dairy free and lactose free diet our range of lactose free supplements and snacks can aid your nutritional and fitness goals.

Lactose Free Protein Powders

Increase your daily protein intake our range of plant based protein powders – great milk protein alternatives. Our vegan protein blends include several different plant proteins to give you a varied source of protein and amino acids. From faba bean and rice to pea and hemp proteins! Plus each blend includes a range of vitamins, minerals and even superfoods to deliver the best nutrition. Generally speaking, if you’re going to the gym, lifting weights or taking part in endurance sports getting the right amount of protein is essential. That’s where one of our dairy free protein powders can come in handy post workout to refuel and recover. Not only that, but our brands and blends offer you a great taste with different flavours! So why not try Motion Nutrition vegan post workout recovery blend, or Vega Clean Protein blend after your workout!

Dairy Free Protein Bars & Snacks

Need a sweet snack on the go? We have tons of lactose free protein bars and snacks which are organic and full of natural ingredients. For example, why not try a delicious vegan protein ball pre workout, a vegan protein flapjack post workout or a handy bag of protein popcorn! Plus our Aduna energy bars are full of superfruits and superfoods to give you a natural energy boost without the dairy.

Superfood Powders & Raw Ingredients

If you want to increase your vitamin & mineral intake easily then our superfood powders are perfect for you. Superfood powders can help increase your energy naturally and boost your immune system, whilst aiding your digestion. Why not try our Creative Nature Spirulina Powder or Naturya green superfood powder for added fibre and green goodness. Or with Maca root powder or Vivolife matcha get all the B vitamins, magnesium and iron! Whatever your aim try adding superfoods to your smoothies, shakes and juices.

Natural Pre Workout & Creatine Powders

If you want to increase performance in the gym and aid recovery our pre workout and creatine powders can help you. With natural ingredients like guarana and maca you can get a natural energy kick with our pre workout powders. To recover post workout Natural nutrients organic creatine can also help increase your power and intensity. So increasing performance has never been easier whilst sticking to your dairy free diet.

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