If you’re looking to build muscle it’s important to focus on getting all the nutrition you need for your muscles to grow. That means getting enough protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals before, during and after each workout. Check out our muscle and strength building supplement range below or click Read More to find out more.

If you want to increase muscle mass and strength it’s important to take part in a resistance or weight training regime. But when it comes to building muscle its not just enough to go to the gym – you have to also get the best nutrition. For muscles to grow many people think just protein is needed, in fact you actually need a calorie surplus of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Not only this, but for optimum muscle growth the body needs enough vitamins and minerals. We have a huge range of supplements from protein powders to reach your protein goals to nut butters and superfood powders.

Organic Protein Powders for Natural Muscle and Strength

Protein is the building blocks of muscle. If you want to increase your muscle and strength you need the best recovery after each workout. When it comes to muscle growth, recovery is essential – that’s where our organic whey protein shakes come in. With Organic Protein Company, Motion Nutrition & Natural Nutrients you can get a great post-workout shake. Each shake contains organic whey protein concentrate or isolate from free range grass fed cows. So you know your muscles are getting the best high quality protein to recover and grow! If you’re looking for a gainer shake – try adding superfood powders and Pip & Nut nut butters for extra calories.

The Best Vegan Shake for Muscle

Although the vegan diet offers vitamins, minerals and fibre, it can sometimes be hard to get in enough protein. Often enough, vegan protein sources come with lots of added fibre, causing digestive issues for some. Nevertheless, our vegan protein shakes are the perfect way to get in protein after a workout or during the day. Each shake contains absorbable plant proteins and also offers a range of vitamins and minerals. This means you can aid muscle recovery and fuel your muscles to grow. Why not try our Vega Clean or motion nutrition vegan post workout recovery shake. These post workout recovery shakes use pea protein, with a high ratio of carbohydrates and healthy fats. This comprehensive macronutrient blend helps recover your muscles and offers a great vegan gainer protein. Muscle gaining on a vegan diet has never been easier!

Creatine for Muscle and Strength

Did you know that creatine is one of the only supplements to be scientifically proven to benefit your muscle performance? By consuming creatine pre and post workout you can increase strength, power output and intensity. That’s why our creatine monohydrate powder and creatine tablets are perfect for gaining muscle and strength. In the body we have a limited supply of creatine in the muscles. This store is quickly used up when taking part in exercise. But by supplementing with organic creatine your can restore and provide more creatine to enhance your performance. These natural creatine products are vegan, organic and contain the finest ingredients of creapure.

Protein Bars for Muscle and Strength

Our protein bars offer a great source of carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein to help muscle growth and recovery. Battle Oats protein flapjacks offer a gluten-free source of slow releasing carbohydrates which fuel the muscles during and after workouts. Not only this, but oats also offer fibre and healthy fat! Together with added protein these flapjack bars offer the muscles everything they need to grow and recover.

In addition, Clif builder bars are also high in carbohydrates with 20g of protein per bar to build your muscles and refuel. Many people are led to believe protein is the most important ingredient for muscle growth – although protein is 100% essential carbs and fats are also important. If you’ve had a heavy hard session Primal Joy bars offer 14g of protein but also a great source of glucose. Glucose is needed by the muscles to absorb nutrients and to grow – so enjoy a salted caramel high protein bar post workout for great results.

All Natural Pre Workout

Pre workout is not essential for muscle gain but it can aid you in your workouts by increasing energy. Our Motion Nutrition all natural pre workout powders uses superfood powders and natural caffeine sources from matcha green tea and guarana powder. As a result you can get a boost in eregy, endurance and focus in your workout which can make you push harder for longer and increase muscle mass in the long run! This organic pre workout powder promotes alertness and fat utilisation whilst also assists blood flow and nitric oxide support for optiml muscle gains.

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