Natural Nutrients have a great range of natural supplements to aid your training goals. From natural whey protein to vegan creatine and vegan protein popcorn! To find out more about the range click Read More.

Who are Natural Nutrients?

Natural Nutrients set out to enhance and optimise the health of their customers by developing natural, clean and effective supplements. They set out to conduct their business in an honest and ethical manner. To do this they produce better quality cleaner supplements. Moreover they even use green energy to power their office. This brand is transparent, accurate and trustworthy, deliverign supplements to aid your health and performance.

The Product Range

Our Natural Nutrient range has everything you need to aid your training and daily life. To increase muscle reocvery we have great natural whey protein form grass fed cows, vegan fbaba bean protein and creatine. Not only that, but our Natural Nutrients protein popcorn is great for enjoying on the go as a handy snack.

Natural Whey Protein

Whey protein is the fasted absorbing and releasing protein available which is great for muscle recovery. In addition, whey contains 20 amino acids including a great amount of bcaas. Our Natural Naturients protein is 100% natural and made with milk from grass fed cows which are free range. This means this whey contains no added sweeteners, hormones or pesticides and offers a greater sustainability for the planet.

Protein Popcorn

Our protein popcorn comes in 2 vegan flavours and sweet vanilla whey protein flavour. If you need a healthy high protein snack on the go – this is the product for you. This popcorn uses just a few natural ingredients including popcorn kernels, plant based faba bean protein, whey protein and real food powders. The result is a high fibre, high protein snack free from artifical ingredients and flavours. Not only this, but 2 flavours Kale, Tomato and Chilli and Simply Salted are also dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free and suitable for vegan diets.

What’s more, each bag ranges from 97 – 122 calories so you won’t ruin your diet. Don’t sabotage your diet with unhealthy snacks try this protein popcorn for the best tasting high protein snack.

Faba Bean Protein

Faba bean protein powder is a pure and nutrient dense form of plant based protein. This powder is perfect for a vegan diet with no dairy, lactose or gluten! What’s more faba bean protein has a range of benefits for your diet and health. For example this protein is soy free and is 100% allergen free so super safe for consumption and food allergies. It also offers a great complete protein source with a high essential amino acid content. Just one 20g scoop provides 10.3g of plant protein and under 72 calories with 2.6g of fibre and minimal fat. In addition, this protein content is great for muscle recovery.

What’s more, this plant based protein contains a spectrum of vitamins and minerals including fibre, vitamin B3 and magnesium. And for those of us who care about the planet, faba is 100% natural meat free and offers a great sustainability.

Creatine Powder and Capsules

Creatine Monohydrate is a great supplement that has been proven to increase endurance and performance. This supplement is used by the body for muscle energy during high intensity exercise and heavy lifting. By supplementing with creatine , you can help to increase and replenish your energy stores during and after a workout.

Creatine has a range of benefits when used in training. For example, it helps increase muscle mass and allows you to train harder without fatigue. By training harder for longer you can speed up muscle growth and build more muscle mass. In addition, it also increases athletic performance in running, crossfit and powerlifting. Not only that, but supplementing with creatine also aids muscle recovery which is vital for improving your progress. Creatine increases the recovery rate of muscles you can recover faster and train harder.

The Natural Nutrients organic Creatine powder and capsules are all-natural, vegan and vegetarian friendly and gluten free! Try taking creatine pre and post workout for great results.

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Natural Creatine
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Natural Nutrients Creatine Monohydrate (Creapure®) 180 Capsules

Faba Bean Protein Powder
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Natural Nutrients Faba Bean Protein Powder (Vegan) Chocolate 1kg Pouch


Natural Nutrients Grass Fed Whey Protein 1kg Pouch

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Natural Nutrients Protein Popcorn Kale, Tomato and Chilli Bag (25g)


Natural Nutrients Protein Popcorn Sweet Vanilla Bag (25g)

Vegan Creatine
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Natural Nutrients Vegan Creatine Monohydrate (Creapure®) 500g Powder Pouch

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Natural Nutrients Vegan Protein Popcorn Simply Salted Bag (25g)

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