If you have a nut allergy or follow a nut free diet our products below contain no nuts and are safe for consumption. To find out more about a nut free diet click Read More.

Nut Allergies & Intollerances

Nuts are some of the most common foods that can provoke allergies. There are over 300 types of nuts with coconut and peanuts being the most popular. Nuts are commonly used in cooking oils and margarine so present in many ready made foods. For that reason, if you suffer from a nut allergy eating nut free foods can be tricky – especially buying on the go. Having a nut allergy means avoiding all nuts from peanuts to almonds, coconut and cashews. In addition, consuming nuts with an allergy can lead to bad reactions that may be potentially dangerous. These can range from rashes, asthma and hives to serious reactions affecting breathing and circulation. Therefore, if you experience tingling of the lips & mouth, asthma, itching, nausea and difficulty breathing when consuming nuts you may have an allergy. Therefore a nut free diet would be advised to optimise health and well being.

A Nut Free Diet

Following a nut free diet then this means avoiding all traces of nuts in foods and products. Allergy sufferers should take care and always read the label when buying common foods. This includes oils, preservatives & spreads, desserts, biscuits, cereals, vegetarian products, cakes and confectionery. Moreover individuals should concentrate on consuming high quality protein from meat sources and fresh fruits and vegetables. You should be careful selecting carbohydrate sources including oats and all products should be checked to be nut free and not made in a factory that produces nut based products.

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