If you’re looking to aid your workout performance it’s important to get the right pre workout nutrition and post workout recovery. This means fuelling your body properly before and after a workout. With our range of pre workout powders, energy bars and post workout protein shakes you can get the best performance. To find out more click Read More.

Pre Workout Energy

Increasing performance requires pushing yourself to that next level, going harder, faster and longer. With pre-workout you can get all the natural and organic energy you need to really go that extra mile.

Natural Pre Workout Powder

We offer a range of pre-workout powders to help you push yourself and boost energy levels when you may be dropping.

Our Motion Nutrition vegan pre-workout is organic offers a natural source of energy. With natural caffeine from guarana you can increase focus and aid performance.  In addition to caffiene, added matcha green tea powder also helps push you further by promoting alertness and fat metabolism.

Not only that but did you know beetroot juice has been proven to increase athletic performance and endurance? Therefore with added beetroot juice powder this pre-workout can assist blood flow and nitric oxide support to increase your endurance. And it doesn’t just stop there, to improve performance further this blend also contains superfood powders! From lucuma, maca and ginseng powder you can get the all-natural power to supercharge your workout.

Matcha powder is also great superfood powder to enjoy on its own pre-workout to increase performance. This powder comes from green tea but with a great deal more power! Each spoonful helps increase metabolism and helps aid fat burning. In addition matcha powder also includes vitamins and minerals to help increase energy, aid your alertness and focus.

Pre Workout Energy Bars

Getting the best results from each training session means getting the best pre-workout nutrition to perform. With our range of energy bars you can get a great source of energy from all natural, vegan friendly ingredients.

If you need an energy kick our organic Aduna superfood energy bars are perfect for you. These bars are dairy free, gluten free and vegan, made using only natural ingredients. Each bar uses dates, cashews, rice protein and fruits, delivering a source of carbohydrates for fast releasing energy. Not only that, but each bar incorporates superfood powders providing extra nutritional benefits. For example, with moringa powder you can aid energy levels and recovery with a source of vitamin C, A and B as well as magnesium. With baobab powder, you can get a great source of vitamin C which aids muscle recovery and a high vitamin B6 content to increase energy. And finally added cocoa offers a delicious chocolatey snack and also provides antioxidants, iron, magnesium & more to naturally increase energy and focus.

If you want one of the UK’s best paleo bars then our Primal Joy Bars are for you. These energy bars are 100% natural, dairy free, gluten-free, with no hidden sugars or oils. These tasty bars combine sunflower, pumpkin seeds, organic coconut oil, raw honey and fruit for a perfect boost.

And it doesn’t just stop there, we also stop another top UK paleo bar brand – Primal Pantry! Our Primal Pantry energy bars are a great pre-workout snack to help fuel your workout. You can get all the pre-workout nutrition you need with natural dates, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, cacao and more. Moreover, why not try a range of delicious flavours from hazelnut cocoa to coconut macadamia, brazil nut cherry and acai berry.

Post Workout Recovery

Increasing performance doesn’t just mean fuelling your body pre workout – it also means recovering! When the body doesn’t recover you’ll not only suffer from muscle fatigue lowering your stamina and endurance but you’ll also be more prone to injuries, ultimately preventing your progress. To recover the muscles well, it’s important to get the right nutrition post workout and enough rest. This means hydration, carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats as well as restoring vitamins and minerals. We have a range of protein shakes and bars for optimum recovery.

Post Workout Protein Shakes

In our milk based post workout recovery you can get a 2:1 carb to protein ratio for the best recovery. This post workout shake is specifically designed to aid your muscle repair and recharge energy levels following a hard session. So whether you are weight training, powerlifting or running and cycling for endurance, you can get great recovery. This post workout blend uses whey protein concentrate for the fastest releasing protein, delivered straight to your muscles. Not only this, but red banana powder and coconut flour acts to replenish your glycogen stores and boost energy levels. By increasing glycogen your muscle are in a recovery state to fully absorb protein and nutrients to recover. Added coconut water powder also helps to re-hydrate the body and replenish minerals post workout.

If you follow a dairy free or plant based diet our vegan post workout recovery is organic and soy free, offering 2 complete plant based proteins. By blending pea protein, rice protein, wheatgrass, and super food powders you can get a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, designed to assist muscle recovery and re-hydrate the body. Not only this, but added banana powder boosts energy levels and coconut water powder offers additional hydration.

Creatine for Performance

Did you know creatine monohydrate has been scientifically proven to increase performance. Creatine helps to increase power output and intensity during your workout and is a great intra and post workout powder. Creatine is found in a short supply in the muscles and is quickly used up during high intensity energy through the CP-ATP energy system. By supplementing with creatine you can replenish muscle energy stores to increase endurance and power. This means whether you are a power lifter of endurance athlete you can continue go harder for longer and aid muscle recovery.

Post Workout Protein Bars

Getting in post workout nutrition has never been easier than with our protein bars. These bars offer a great form of protein, carbs and healthy fats, as well as vitamins and minerals so you can recover quickly.
Our Clif Builder bars can be enjoyed pre, during or post workout for great performance benefits. Each bar offers 20g of protein from soy and nuts, 23 different vitamins and minerals with no hydrogenated oils. If you’re on a hard ride or endurance run, these bars can be consumed during a workout for an energy boost and to refuel and replenish glycogen stores so you can keep going faster for longer.

In addition, these handy protein bars are perfect post workout with a high level of protein and carbs to recovery your muscles and restore energy levels with added vitamins and minerals to replace nutrients lost during a workout. with added vitamin C, B, D, A and E, plus potassium, magnesium and calcium you can recover well and increase performance. Why not try delicious chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate mint flavours!

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