Following a plant based diet can be really beneficial for your health – from consuming whole foods to getting a varied source of natural nutrition. But getting everything you need can be difficult when you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet – including getting enough protein! That’s where our selection of plant based and organic products can help. From plant based proteins and vegan protein powders to snacks and and superfood powders you can get the best nutrition. Click read more to find out more about our range and following a whole food plant based diet.

The Best Vegan Protein Powder & Plant Based Protein

Protein for vegans and vegetarians can be hard to find and costly – especially complete sources of proteins. But we’ve made reaching your protein intake easier with our top brands and the best vegan protein blends. We have a selection of plant based proteins containing pea protein, hemp protein, brown rice protein and more! For example, our Vega One shakes are perfect for getting the right amount of protein and also getting a range of vitamins and minerals. Or why not try Vivolife raw plant protein and bcaa protein containing raw ingredients such as pea, hemp, chlorella, spirulina, tumeric and digestive enzymes! Whatever your health, nutrition or fitness goal a protein powder can help you save time and money whilst getting great fast nutrition.

Vegan Protein bars and Snacks

Snacking when following a whole foods diet can be difficult when most convenience stores don’t stock adventurous snacks! But with our range you can snack healthily with clean granola, vegan protein balls, protein popcorn, raw energy bars and even paleo bars. Our range includes top brands like Primal Joy, Aduna, Primal Pantry and more! Snacking on a plant based diet has never been easier!

Raw Ingredients & Superfoods

Superfood powders are a great way to add more plants and nutrition into your diet – why not discover the full benefits with our selection! We have a great choice of natural plant powders including moringa, baobab cacao, spirulina, hemp, matcha, maca and cacoa! You can increase your energy naturally, aid your immune system and increase your fibre consumption and intake of vitamins and minerals in just one single spoonful! So spice up your shakes, juices and smoothies today!

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