Primal Joy have the best award winning paleo bars and snacks. From healthy brownies to paleo granola you can enjoy all the natural and organic goodness. To find out more about this dairy, gluten and grain free range click Read More.

Who Are Primal Joy?

Primal Joy is UK award winning business providing handmade whole food snacks to benefit your health. Primal Joy develop paleo bars, energy bars and protein bars to meet everyone’s snacking goals. Moreover, this free from brand uses natural ingredients and organic whole foods to deliver delicious products free from gluten, grains, dairy, soy and refined sugar.

The Product Range

Primal Joy has a huge range which offers products for everyone. From paleo bars for those following a clean eating diet to whey based protein bar, a flourless brownie and oat free granola! Whatever you’re goal, you can get the best nutrition with organic and raw ingredients. What’s more, each product is actually handmade by Primal Joy and individually wrapped!

The Paleo Bar

The paleo bar is the ultimate snack for those looking for a clean eating snack. With two amazing flavours these award winning bars really don’t disappoint when it comes to taste. The coconut bars are made using only raw ingredients including sunflower seeds, organic coconut oil, flakes and flour and raw honey! If you like toasted coconut chips these bars really are phenomenal. In the Berry Boost bar you can get all the goodness of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, raw honey, organic coconut oil and flour, mulberries and raspberries. These energy bars are great for a busy day and an alternative to fruit based snacking bars. What’s more these paleo treats are 100% natural, gluten free and dairy free.

We love these bars for an energy boost pre workout! With natural sugars from raw honey and healthy unsaturated fats, you can get a great sustained energy release for a hard session.

Paleo Flourless Brownie

This flourless healthy brownie is so good it’s a UK paleo award winner for the best paleo snack in 2017! This brownie is super soft, moist and squidgy and it tastes unreal. By using organic ingredients like ground almonds, dates, organic coconut oil and flour, hazelnut and raw cacao and honey you can get the ultimate healthy treat. Moreover, but this wholefood brownie is also high in fibre and contains no dairy or gluten! In addition, each brownie packs 5g of protein, healthy fats and 3g of fibre! Trust us when we say this soft succulent brownie is perfect for a sweet tooth and a way to curb your cravings in a healthy way. We love these brownies post workout or as a late night treat.

Paleo Granola

If you’re looking for the perfect snack or healthy breakfast – look no further. Forget high sugar and processed shop bought granola, our Primal Joy paleo granola is free from grains, dairy, gluten and refined sugar. This delicious treat is handmade with organic ingredients and is actually oat free! The granola uses sunflower and pumpkin seeds, coconut oil and flakes, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts for a low sugar breakfast. What’s more this product provides an all-natural sweetness using coconut nectar as a natural sweetener.

The resulting product is a dairy and lactose free, gluten free, soy free and paleo dream! What’s more we have three amazing flavours including honey and nut as well as 2 vegan granolas in cinnamon and maple and pecan. Not only that, but each 30g serving provides healthy unsaturated fats, omega-3, 4g of protein, 6g of carbs with only 3g of natural sugar! That makes it perfect for a low carb or low sugar diet – the perfect keto snack. We love this granola for breakfast and also as a healthy crumble topping!

Whey Protein Bar

Nowadays whey protein bars are filled with artificial sweeteners and additives. Although this may lower the sugar content, it does nothing for your health and nutrition. And more so – most of these processed bars are dry, chewy and reap havoc with your digestion. But the Primal Joy protein bar combines sunflower and chia seeds, whey protein concentrate, organic coconut oil, raw cacao, honey and dates for the best healthy protein bar. Consuming natural sugar and carbohydrates at the right time is actually essential for muscle recovery and fat loss.

Each bar provides a huge 14g of protein and a healthy sweetness using only natural sugars. In addition, the high fibre and complex carbohydrate content means you can get a slow energy release and also aid muscle recovery and glycogen stores post workout! What’s more the whey protein is comes from grass fed cows and is minimally processed for a high leucine content and max muscle recovery. If you like soft squidgy Soreen loaf – this bar is the protein version. It’s super soft and succulent and delicious! We love this bar post workout or as a little late night rest day treat!

Paleo Bites

Paleo bites are small in size but pack in a snacking punch! These bars use only high quality organic ingredients to fight off hunger cravings and naturally curb that sweet tooth. Moreover, with ingredients like seeds, raw cacao, honey and organic coconut oil, you can get all the nutritional benefits of omega-3 and superfood cacao. These raw bites are crunchy and delicious and perfect for a clean eating snack or to compliment your gluten free and paleo diet. Each little bit is handmade with no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners! We enjoy snacks during the mid-morning and afternoon energy slump to keep hunger cravings at bay.

Fig and Orange Pudding Bar

This amazing pudding bar is the ultimate healthy treat. In fact, it’s so good it won a UK Paleo award in 2017 for its great taste and innovation. Using fig, orange and mixed spice this bar may remind you of Christmas pudding. Moreover, using healthy ingredients this dairy free bar packs in healthy unsaturated fat, fibre, protein and slow releasing carbohydrates. By proving fibre, healthy fats and complex carbs you can get a great lasting energy release where your blood sugar levels wont crash! Moreover, this bar uses organic chestnut flour, ground almonds, chia seeds, figs, walnuts and organic coconut oil for the ideal paleo snack. We love these bars pre workout and as a sweet post workout treat. Try heating the bar up in the microwave for 20 seconds – wow!

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