Soy protein is a good source of protein for those following a vegetarian or vegan diet. But for people with soy allergies avoiding soy is essential. That’s where our soy free supplements and snacks can help. To find out more click Read More.

What is Soy and Soy Protein?

Soy and soy protein comes from the soya bean and is used to make dairy free high protein foods like soya milk and tofu. Soy protein can be great as a dairy substitute and meat substitute as a cheap source of protein. However, soy protein contains chemical compounds which are similar to oestrogen. These compounds can have an oestrogenic effect and undesirable side effects for some people who consume a lot of soy. Not only this, but soy should be avoided by those who suffer from allergies.

What are Soy Allergy Symptoms?

An allergy to soy and soya beans can be quite common – especially in children. Many people outgrow this allergy but for some its stays with them for life. Suffering from Soy allergy symptoms can include itching and tingling round the mouth, rashes and hives. If you have soy allergy symptoms soy based foods should be avoided and a soy free diet should be followed.

Is Soy Bad for You?

Soy is not bad for everyone and actually offers a healthy protein and fibre content, which can reduce cholesterol. Plus soy is also low in saturated fat unlike some red meat animal sources of protein. Too much soy however can be bad and have hormonal effects and so should be consumed in moderation.

A Soy Free Diet

A soy free diet means avoiding foods with soy in. You can consume lots of foods including meat, fish and poultry, plain eggs, beans and lentils, nut butters that don’t contain soy.

Our Soy Free Range

A soy free diet means avoiding foods made with soya beans or with traces of soy in. You can consume lots of foods including meat, fish and poultry, plain eggs, beans and lentils, nut butters that don’t contain soy. In our range of soy free supplements and snacks you can get all the protein, carbohydrates and fats you need on the go.

Soy Free Healthy Snacks

Our Primal Joy range has some great tasting paleo bars and snacks that are perfect for your diet. For example the paleo flourless brownie is full of cacao powder benefits and a great tasting cake bar. Not only that, but the pudding bars, high protein bar and paleo bites are also great for energy and made using raw fruit and nuts. If you love granola the oat free Primal Joy granola comes in 3 delicious flavours with 2 being vegan friendly! These vegan granolas contain no oats, no added sugar or preservative and are made with seeds and nuts.

If you like baked goods and cakes but want a healthy option the paleo brownie isn’t the only choice – why not try our vegan cookie. Made using gluten free oats, coconut sugar, oil and nuts the Kookie Cat cookie is 100% soy free but a great tasting sweet snack. Try chocolate chip and lemon and chia seed cookie flavours!

Our Soy Free Protein Powders

If you’re looking for a range of protein powders that can complement your soy free diet Our Motion Nutrition range also offers a selection of powders to benefit your nutrition and performance. Their organic whey protein powder is natural tasting and a great milk based form of protein. Moreover, if you follow a vegan diet the vegan post workout recovery is made using plant based pea and rice proteins but no soy protein! These powders are great for post workout recovery but in addition you can also get great natural energy with an organic pre workout. Whatever your goal – you can rest assured this product range is soy free.

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