Our Primal Pantry range offers the best paleo bars in the UK. These clean eating bars are award winning for as the UKs best paleo snacks. Using only natural ingredients, this range is additive free, dairy free and suitable for vegans! To find out more about the range click Read More.

Primal Pantry is a natural brand which offers paleo products made using just nuts, seeds and fruit. This company is on a real food revolution and was established by a nutritionist in 2013 using just a blender, nuts and coconut! The end result was award-winning Primal Pantry bars which contain only raw ingredients with no additives or preservatives.
This brand focuses its products on being suitable for the paleo diet – or cave man diet. As a result these tasty bars are made using only nutritious and real foods so are suitable for a clean eating diet. Moreover, these products are grain-free, dairy free, contain no refined sugars or oils and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The Product Range

Paleo and Vegan

That’s right, these bars are made using only fruits and nuts and so are 100% vegan friendly and suitable for a vegan diet. Because they contain no man made ingredients and artificial additives this also makes them great paleo bars for a clean eating diet.

The Primal Pantry Protein Bar

This paleo protein bar is perfect for increasing your protein intake using plant based proteins. Using just raw ingredients like almond, dates, coconut and hemp protein these bars have the perfect protein kick. What’s more, dates really are the glue that holds these bars together and offers a natural sweetness – so no artificial ingredients! In just one bar you’ll get a massive 15g of plant based protein and only 208 calories.

Not only that, but the source of fast releasing and complex carbohydrates, will provide you with a sustained energy release. For that reason, Primal protein bars are great for muscle recovery post workout and replenish glycogen stores or even energy pre workout. And it doesn’t just stop there – with 3g of fibre these bars will help you natural reach your fibre intake. This fibre content helps aid a health digestion as well as maintaining steady blood sugar levels for a better more sustainable natural energy.

These paleo protein bars come in two delicious flavours, hazelnut cacao and mixed berry. In fact, they taste so good they are award winning and voted the uks best paleo snack. So if you’re looking for the cleanest protein bar in the UK, free from sweeteners and alcohol sugars these bars are for you. With 27% natural protein you can get a great vegan protein bar to enjoy on the go at anytime in the day.

The Primal Pantry Energy Bar

Looking for the ultimate natural energy to pick you up in the day? Well these primal pantry energy bars don’t disappoint! Using just a few raw ingredients these handy energy bars are designed to deliver a fast releasing sustainable energy. With clean ingredients and raw foods like cashews, nuts and dates, you’ll get all the nutritional benefits of these healthy foods.

Not only that, but our vegan bars contain a source of healthy unsaturated fats and fibre. This means your energy will be slowly released and sustainable through the day. Moreover we offer a ton of flavours! From coconut macadamia, brazil nut cherry and hazelnut cacao to acai berry and apple pecan! Get the ultimate clean eating bar to aid your diet and add nutrition with Primal Pantry

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