Following a vegetarian diet has a range of benefits, including consuming more vegetables, whole foods, vitamins and minerals. But avoiding meat poses a problem when it comes to getting protein, amino acids and essential minerals like iron. That’s where our range of vegetarian supplements comes in. We’ve got everything from plant based protein powders to whey protein, protein bars, snacks and superfood powders. To find out more about our vegetarian range click read more.

Consuming protein in your diet is super important and actually aids all bodily functioning. In fact the body uses protein for building/maintaining muscle mass, maintaining blood sugar – even staying fuller for longer! In fact, that’s why it’s important to reach your individual protein needs through vegetarian sources or supplements. Also if you’re going to the gym, lifting weights, running or cycling, increasing your protein intake is essential to staying healthy and reaching your fitness goals.

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Vegetarian Protein Powders

Protein powders are a great way to increase your protein intake on a vegetarian diet. So if you’re looking for a tasty shake or fast muscle recovery try our organic whey protein powders. We’ve teamed up with Motion Nutrition and the Organic Protein Company to bring you the best organic whey protein from grass fed cows. Each creamy shake is deliciously flavoured with minimal fat and carbs – why not try cocoa or coconut! Likewise, if you’re looking for a more natural taste enjoy all the benefits of our plant based proteins. Our vegan protein shakes include pea protein, faba bean and hemp protein – full plant protein power. All of our vegan brands deliver the best nutrition with added vitamins, minerals, fibre and even superfoods.

Vegetarian Protein Bars & Snacks

If you need a quick, convenient way to curb your appetite or a sweet snack to satisfy cravings our vegetarian snacks are a great choice. From fruit based Aduna energy bars to Primal Pantry paleo protein bars we have the perfect mid-morning, afternoon or pre/post workout snack. Also why not try some new creations including whey based or vegan protein balls and protein popcorn!

Vitamins for Vegetarians

Looking to optimise health with a good source of vitamins and minerals? Well with superfood powders you can get a range of nutrients in just one single spoonful. Why not increase your fibre and greens with Naturya green superfood powder, or increase your vitamin C and magnesium with maca root. You can even aid your immune system and energy levels with cocoa or baobab powder.

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