If you suffer from celiac disease or follow a wheat free and gluten free diet then we have all the products to aid your training and nutritional goals. From gluten free protein powders to wheat free protein bars and snacks – we’ve got you covered. To find out more about our range click Read More.

What is a Wheat and Gluten Intolerance?

A gluten and wheat intolerance can often mean the body has an allergy or sensitivity to the gluten compound. Gluten and wheat is found in many grains and common foods including pasta and rice. A gluten or wheat intolerance can sometimes mean suffering from celiac disease, a non-celiac sensitivity or wheat allergy. These allergies lead to health complications such as poor digestion, bloating and lack of nutrient absorption.

The Benefits of a Gluten Free and Wheat Free Diet

A wheat-free and gluten-free diet is a diet that excludes wheat and gluten including common foods such as wheat, barley, oats, spelt and kamut. If you are wheat sensitive, following a gluten free diet can act as a good treatment to relieve your symptoms. Not only that, but excluding wheat and gluten can improve IBS and the gastrointestinal function meaning you can get better nutrition and overall health.

Gluten & Wheat Free Protein Powders

When it comes to good nutrition you need to make sure you get the right amount of protein – and that’s where a protein powder can help. Our gluten free protein powders include plant based proteins such as hemp and faba bean protein. Both of these plant proteins are great for a gluten free diet and essential for muscle recovery following a workout. Hemp protein is also thought to have superfood properties as this seed is high in omega 3 and other nutrients. Plus spirulina also offers around 65% protein as well as added fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Wheat Free Protein Bars & Snacks

Getting a quick handy snack can be hard when suffering with a gluten or whet intolerance. But with out range of healthy gluten free snacks you can aid your wheat free diet and also get great nutrition on the go.
Our Aduna energy bars are perfect if you’re on the go and want to avoid that mid-morning or afternoon slump. These bars offer a great source of fast releasing energy using dates, fruit and nuts so are also great pre workout!

Not only that, but each bar has added superfood powders for even more nutritional benefits. For example, with green moringa you can get additional vitamins A, B, C and minerals. With Baobab, the high vitamin C content not only helps muscle recovery but also offers skin and beauty benefits and have received an award for their great taste! Cacao also has tons of benefits from a great chocolate taste to added antioxidants, magnesium and iron to increase energy and focus!

Wheat Free Protein Flapjacks

When following a wheat and gluten free diets getting slow releasing carbohydrates can also be a challenge. But with our protein flapjacks and vegan protein flapjacks you can get a good source energy on the go. Battle Oats and Creative Nature have brought to you great tasting flapjack bars using gluten free oats. With battle oats you can get a great source of whey protein and carbohydrates all in one. This means you can get energy in the day or pre workout and also aid post workout recovery. Plus with flavours like white chocolate and cherry bakewell – who can resist! But if you follow a plant based diet – fear not we’ve got a creat dairy-free alternative. Creative nature’s vegan flapjack come in salted caramel flavour and uses only plant proteins to give you the same great source of energy and protein.

If you like a good baked treat our Kookie Cat Protein Cookie can give you everything your heart desires guilt free. These healthy vegan cookies contain no gluten or wheat and use healthy ingredients like oats, nuts coconut oil, coconut sugar and chia seeds. Not only that but being vegan these cookies are dairy free and lactose free!

Other Gluten Free Powders

Other gluten free powders we stock include great superfood powders and creatine powder! With superfood powders you can get all the additional nutrients you need for a great diet. These powders are packed full of fibre, vitamins and minerals so perfect whether you’re training hard or just want the best health. From baobab high in vitamin C to cocoa high in antioxidants, magnesium and iron – supercharge your gluten free diet.
Not only that, but wheat free organic creatine powders are great if you really want to increase performance. By supplementing with creatine you can increase power output and intensity durng your workouts.

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