Aduna Moringa Powder (275g Pouch)

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What is Aduna Moringa Powder?

Aduna Moringa Powder is a 100% organic green superfood made from the naturally-dried leaf of the African moringa ‘Miracle Tree’. Moringa is one of the most nutrient-rich foods in the world, providing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and a rich source of plant protein and fibre.

This superfood powder is 100% organic, gluten free, dairy free, lactose free – the perfect raw ingredient for a vegan diet. To make this long lasting powder raw moringa leaves are dried at low temperatures and impurties are then removed. The result is a vibrant green powder packed full of nutrients to supercharge your diet. In fact this green superfood fibre provides a source of iron, calcium and vitamins A, E & K. As a result, just one spoonful a day can provide a ton of health benefits.

What are the Benefits of Aduna Moringa Powder?

Nutrient Density

With our organic moringa you can pack in all the nutrients you need everyday in one small spoonful. With this superfood powder you can get a great source of vegan iron, calcium and vitamins A, E and K. Iron, calcium and vitamin K are important in every diet to assists energy and strong, healthy bones. Moreover, vitamins A and E can also benefit your heart health, immune system and skin! So you can look and feel great with moringa!

A Complete Vegan Protein Source

Moringa is a massive 25% protein so is great for reaching your protein goals on a vegetarian or vegan diet. This superfood powder is also a complete protein source full of 9 essential amino acids including bcaas! Moreover, this protein and bcaa content means moringa is great for aiding your muscle reocvery post workout or even just keeping you fuller for longer.

Increased Energy and Endurance

Do you feel tired at the gym? Well just 10g of moringa powder can provide 32% of your daily iron, 25% of calcium and 19% of vitamin A intakes. These micronutrients are essential for increasing energy and naturally reducing tiredness and fatigue. Moringa is also a recommended source of meat free iron for vegans and vegetarians to avoid anemia

Heart Health & Digestion

Moringa powder is 24% fibre which together with a 25% protein content is great for weight loss and staying fuller for longer. Not only that, but adding fibre to your diet can lower blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. As a result, you can get a healthier heart and redice the risk of heart disease. What’s more, fibre is great for digestion! Poor digestion can eave you fatigued and reduce nutrient absorption in the gut. But fibre in our moringa powder can help toward keeping the gut healthy.

Immune Defence & Skin Health

With essential vitamins and minerals green moringa powder can boost the immune system and help the body to fight of disease and infection. Not only that but Moringa is a good source of skin healthy vitamin E and A. This vitamin A and E content can preveny dry skin and wrinkles and repair cell damage. Not only that, but vitamin E can also fight free radical and help counteract oxidative stress that damages collagen so has great anti-ageing effects too!

When Should I Take Moringa Powder?

Moringa powder can be taken at anytime in the day to get a nutrient boost. We like Moringa powder in supergreen smoothies and juices but it can easily be added to shakes because unlike other green superfoods, moringa has a delicious earthy, spinachy flavour.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

Ingredient: Organic Aduna Moringa Leaf Powder.

Directions of use

Directions of use

We recommend starting with half a teaspoon per day before building up to 2-4 teaspoons. Mix into your favourite shake or smoothie recipe or sprinkle over salads, soups and savoury dishes as a “superfood seasoning”.

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1 review for Aduna Moringa Powder (275g Pouch)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Every morning I have a smoothie and alternate between adding the Moringa powder or the Baobab powder. I add a lot of ingredients to my smoothies and both of the powders are undetectable in both taste and texture in my opinion, so I can’t actually say what either of them taste like! For me that works perfectly as I like to use them as an amazing vitamin boost rather than a tasty ingredient!

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