Motion Nutrition Organic Coconut Whey Protein 480g Pouch

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What is Organic Coconut Whey Protein?

Make the most of your workout and enhance performance with this delicious organic coconut whey protein powder. By blending 100% organic whey protein, organic coconut flour and unrefined coconut palm sugar this natural shake is ideal for promoting muscle repair. And when it comes to quality – this powder doesn’t fall short. Motion Nutrition source their whey protein from European grass-fed cows and organically certified daries. As a result, you’re guaranteed a high quality protein source with no additives or artificial ingredients. Not only that, but this protein shake is great for coconut lovers and best served with coconut milk for a delicious shake.

What are the Benefits of Organic Coconut Whey Protein?

High Quality and Free From Additives

Our Motion Nutrition organic coconut Whey Protein is made with just three ingredients, organic whey protein, coconut flour and unrefined coconut palm sugar. The organic whey protein concentrate is directly sourced from grass fed cows to ensure the best quality. The organic coconut flour is a great addition to provide high energy MCT fatty acids and fibre! Moreover, by adding a pinch of organic unrefined coconut palm sugar you can get a natural, low-GI sweetness. But it doesn’t just stop there, not only is this protein powder pure and natural, it’s also free from gluten, artificial ingredients, hormones and pesticides!

Great for Muscle Recovery

Motion Nutrition designed their organic coconut whey protein with recovery and performance specifically in mind. This great tasting natural shake provides a massive 4.7g of bcaas per serving and 20g of high quality protein. Because protein and amino acids are needed by the body for muscle recovery this shake is ideal post workout. By consuming complex carbs and protein after a workout the muscles can repair and restore glycogen. That’s why this shake includes coconut flour and coconut palm sugar, for an ideal source of low GI carbs to refuel your muscles.

Great for Weight Loss & Energy

Added coconut flour and coconut palm sugar as a source of MCTs and low GI carbohydrates is a great way to recharge your energy levels. What’s more, coconut flour also offer additional fibre so you can stay fuller for longer. With just 109 calories per scoop this organic whey protein is great for weight loss and curbing those hunger pains..

When Should I Take Organic Coconut Whey Protein?

We like to take Motion Nutrition’s organic coconut whey protein post workout to recover. Not only that, but this shake offers a great natural coconut taste without the use of sweeteners.

Container Information 480g pouch
Serving size 30g
Servings per pouch 16

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

Directions of Use

Directions of Use

For a quick protein shake mix a 20g serving (one scoop) with 100-200ml of water or milk in a blender or shaker. You can also stir into your favourite foods, such as porridge, sauces, bread and cake mixes, bars and biscuits. We recommend using 1-2 servings daily or as required.

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1 review for Motion Nutrition Organic Coconut Whey Protein 480g Pouch

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    Very smooth and creamy, has a really subtle coconut taste to it. Is sweet enough without it being too sweet. Mixes really easy and also works well either just with milk/dairy free alternative as well as in smoothies. A great organic whey!

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