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The Best High Protein Snacks for Organic Athletes

Want to increase your protein intake but struggling for time in the kitchen? These high protein snacks are organic, free from artificial ingredients and awesome for building muscle!

The Best High Protein Snacks

Below is a collection of the best high protein snacks we carry on our website. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do eating them!

Primal Joy High Protein Bar

A personal favourite of OAL Co-founder Adam, Primal Joy’s High Protein Bars are enriched with a whopping 14 of protein per bar derived from whey protein!

With a healthy array of natural ingredients including healthy fats from sunflower seeds and raw virgin coconut oil, alongside dates and honey for carbohydrate content, these delicious beasts slot seamlessly into any athletes diet.

Boost Ball Protein Ball Snacks

Vegan-friendly and containing just 7 natural ingredients, Boost Ball Protein Ball’s are maybe the tastiest high-protein snack we have on the site!

These Protein Ball’s make the perfect healthy desert or even healthy “cheat food” when dieting due to their sweet-tasting nature.

They can also simply be used as a way of increasing your overall daily protein intake while on the go conveniently.

Primal Pantry Protein Bar

Primal Pantry Protein Bar

These bars contain arguably the highest protein content of any vegan and Paleo-friendly bars on the market while still tasting great.

The protein in the bars are derived from Hemp Protein, while the snacks also contain Cocoa, Coconut Nectar and Dates to give each bar a sweet texture that makes perfect for post-workout.

Kookie Cat Protein Cookies

Kookie Cat Cookie

The branding is admittedly awesome, but the cookies themselves… oh lord! They really do take the biscuit (or is it the cookie?!).

Kookie Cat have pulled a winner out of the market with these high-protein, vegan-friendly cookies.

And while they may not be the highest in protein content per serving, that hasn’t stopped them being packed with healthy ingredients. Each cookie is filled with gluten-free oat cakes, cashews, and coconut nectar. We can’t get enough of these, and neither can our customers either!

Battle Oats Protein Flapjacks

Battle Oats Cheery Bakewell

Battle Oats Protein Flapjacks are definitely best suited to high-performing athletes, with a higher carbohydrate intake than others on the list (but still being extremely low in sugar).

The chocolate variations of the protein flapjacks use whey concentrate to flavour them, while the fruity flavours opt for soy protein as the main protein source.

With a considerable amount of fiber per serving and relatively low-fat content, they make for an awesome post-workout snack to replenish depleted glycogen and to kickstart the muscle building process.

Natural Nutrients Protein Popcorn

Natural Nutrients chilli popcorn

Because everybody loves popcorn, right?

We’d be doing ourselves a disservice not to include these on the list. They may sound like a gimmick, but when you realise how many calories you’ll be sparing yourself in your diet next time you sit down to watch Netflix, we’re sure you’ll be thankful to us for recommending this ingenious product from Natural Nutrients!


Whichever product you opt for, it’s fair to say every high protein snack that finds its way onto our website has been vetted extensively!

To reiterate what our loyal customers already know: we only stock products that are either certified organic, free-from artificial flavours/sweeteners and with the consumers best interests genuinely at hard.

It’s a painstaking process to take when working with brands we trust and support, but our goal is to change the supplement industry for the better, and we believe these high-protein snacks can be genuinely beneficial to you, the consumer, in helping you to achieve your physique and performance goals!

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2 thoughts on “The Best High Protein Snacks for Organic Athletes

  1. mike edwards says:

    I need to increase my weight as I have lost a stone and a half whilst carding for my late wife. Still train 3 sessions a week. 8st 3lbs at the moment, cannot put o. Weight, have been told I am pre diabetic so no sugar or fat content wanted. Do God recommend a produce? Oh I’m very fit at 76.

    1. Adam says:

      Hi Mike, given your age, it’s likely that your metabolism has slowed down greatly which may make adding weight more difficult. My advice is to focus on alleviating stress (as difficult as this may be) and listening to your ‘natural’ appetite, eating intuitively. There’s no reason to overeat in my opinion, but if you do want to increase calorie intake, then take a look at adding a protein shake alongside a couple of scoops of organic coconut oil each day. My Personal recommendation would be Natural Nutrients Whey Isolate. You can also add some high protein snacks in such as the ones mentioned in this article. Hope this helps – need any further help, feel free to contact me on adam[at]organicathletelifestyle.com

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